Top 8 Students/ESRs Announcement

The Organizing Committee is pleased to announce the ranking of the top 8 students/ESRs, being the first the best paper.
Due to the number of participating of students/ESRs, the Organizing Committee granted all the 10 students/ESRs with a reduced fee registration.
Jane Raamets - The antimicrobial effect of three different chemicals for the treatment of straw bales used in housing projects

Marie Stender - Social bricks? Integrating social sustainability in housing and neighborhoods

Nnenna Ike - University students show and tell what they want in accommodation

Kritika Sha - Indias 100 Smart Cities can only work against its true aspirations

Anne Germon - Holistic methodology for a pilot rainwater runoff plan in an existing densely urbanized area: case study in Montreal, Québec

Hilary Chadwick - Community Land Trust' Solutions to Local Housing Issues

Simone Solinas - The wealth of a house lives in its empty space

Shu Xian Toh - Unlocking sustainable routes for dwellings: Assessing Earthships building

Ute Christina Groba - Design strategies for low-rise high-density prefabricated timber housing

Milad Heidari - Shophouse Participatory Design

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