Conference topics

Abstracts and papers may be submitted under the following topics.

01- Cities and neighbourhoods

Articles submitted under this topic should consider city's relationship with housing blocks, particularly facilities, transport and amenities, taking into account theirinhabitants' quality of life. This topic also includes issues related to the design or improvement of residential neighborhoods, particularly the spatial, cultural and social relationships established there.

02- Financing and management of social housing

This topic intends to discuss strategies related to the promotion of social housing, namely the means of financing the construction and maintenance costs, as well as the criteria for inhabitants’ accommodation.

03- Development and advances in efficient housing typologies

This topic intends to analyze issues related to housing typologies, including their flexibility, adaptability and evolution. Issues related to dimensional efficiency are also relevant to this topic, taking into account that it contributes to minimize both the environmental costs and the economic costs of housing.

04- Ecology and development of housing solutions

In this topic authors will examine the aspects of building ecology, including issues related to energy efficiency, water efficiency and the efficient use of building materials. Thus, this topic includes the analysis of constructive and technical solutions that may reduce the environmental impacts of residential buildings, such as the reduction of greenhouse effect, the preservation of drinking water and the management of non-renewable resources through means of reuse and recycling processes.

05- Inclusivity and equity in housing

Under this topic should be submitted articles that analyze the fair access to housing, regardless economic, social and physical status of the inhabitants. The right to adequate housing that meets the basic conditions to provide life quality is essential for a participatory, socially fair and sustainable society.

06- Housing in disaster and conflict scenarios

In this topic authors are invited to submit papers related to emergency housing solutions for cases of disaster or war scenarios. The presentation of temporary housing solutions to ensure the safety and comfort of people is one of the objectives of this topic. Also under consideration are technical issues related to this type of shelters, including their portability, comfort, safety and cost.

07- Refurbishment and upgrading of residential buildings

This topic intends to gather articles related to rehabilitation and improvement of residential buildings performance having in mind sustainability standards, particularly in terms of energy efficiency, water efficiency, hygiene, comfort and health.

08- Comfort, health and safety

Under this topic may be submitted papers regarding living conditions of residential buildings. Parameters such as acoustic comfort, visual comfort, indoor air quality, health and safety, serve as references for the assessment of housing livability and usability.

09- Affordable housing solutions

Under this topic authors may submit articles on solutions that contribute to the reduction of construction costs in order to allow people's access to affordable housing but keeping  a performance that ensures the standards of life quality.

10- Safeguarding of cultural aspects of housing typologies and usability

In this topic authors are encouraged to submit articles related to the preservation of housing typologies that are representative of cultural and geographical diversity, taking into account its adaptability to new functional, environmental and comfort requirements, in order to improve their performance as well the life quality of the inhabitants.

11- Prefabricated houses and transportable homes

This topic includes articles that analyze the evolution of prefabricated housing solutions in view of their contribution to housing solutions with less environmental impact and less economic costs. Transportable housing modules solutions are also an important subject to discuss in this topic, including the possibility of extending the use of the dwelling.